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On Monday 1st May 2022, EAAW was privileged to take part in the East African region’s first conference focusing on cage free chicken farming!

We were represented by our executive director, Mr. Ayubu Nnko. He has been at the forefront of campaigning for cage-free awareness and sensitization for years now in Tanzania.

EAAW-CEO, Ayubu Nnko (Center) Exchanging words with ANAW-ED Josephat Ngoyo (Right) and OWA Africa Coordinator (Left) Miss Aurelia Adhiambo during the first Chicken cage free conference in the region, which took place in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

The conference offered a unique platform for key discussions on the status of cage-free chicken farming in the 4 East African countries namely: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Key insights on the legislative frameworks surrounding hens in these countries were also a main agenda for the day.

As EAAW, we were privileged to share our unique inputs and insights on hen welfare in Tanzania, as this has been a focus of our work for some time now. It was equally a great platform to continually voice our support for hen welfare in such an important space that brought together so many animal welfare organizations from all over the continent.

It was also a great day as we were able to meet with the OWA Africa Coordinator, Ms. Aurelia Adhiambo and interact in depth. We have been a strong member of the Open Wing Alliance and are keen to continually grow the coalition in the continent.

The conference has been in line with our work and vision for this year, which will focus more on expanding the cage free movement in Tanzania through education and awareness.

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