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Education for African Animals Welfare has been conducting a comprehensive program of “community education, sensitization, and vaccination of stray dogs and cats” in the Singida region of Tanzania.

This mass sensitization and vaccination program is in line with our mission and strategic focus as an organization, which is a Rabies free Tanzania. We were particularly delighted to share this messaging with young children in primary schools, as the majority of them are usually the main contact with pets.

Why rabies vaccination?

1. For the welfare of cats and dogs. Just like human beings, these animals deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life free from pain and disease.

2. Community health. Rabies being a zoonotic disease, risks affecting human beings as well. Therefore, by vaccinating these animals, we prevent animal-human transmission of the disease. Rabies is a fatal disease, which when not treated well, can risk painful and debilitating death.

Community members from Singida bringing their dogs and cats for vaccination.

We were also pleased to gain the support of the local government, and schools, and the veterinary department in Singida; who were all pleased to take part in this communal wide program. Without their support, our work would not have been possible.

We plan to continue and expand this sensitization and vaccination program in other regions of the country, and to facilitate the creation of local school clubs to support our work and expansion.

We therefore request the generous support of wellwishers, and donors to support our work through the vaccination and treatments to a dog and cat program! Every. donation you give will go a long way to ensure each dog and cat is vaccinated against Rabies, therefore preventing pain, disease, and posing a danger to community health! Find out more below.

One of our veterinary officers vaccinating a cat against Rabies.

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