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The EAAW conducts a campaign in Tanzania to promote free range chicken farming, with the aim of providing a more humane treatment of chickens. The primary objective of this movement is to guarantee that all chickens have access to an open environment, free from cages. The EAAW firmly believes that every chicken should have the opportunity to live free from confinement.

Free range chicken farming as a method of farming that allows chickens to move around freely, access natural light and fresh air, and exhibit their natural behaviours. Chickens in a free environment are less likely to suffer from health problems such as bone fractures, feather loss, and stress-related illnesses. Moreover, cage-free farming is also beneficial for the environment. It reduces the amount of waste produced by chickens, and the manure can be used as a natural fertilizer for crops. By promoting cage-free chicken farming, the EAAW hopes to inspire more farmers to adopt this humane and sustainable practice. Together, we can create a world where all animals are treated with kindness and respect.

EAAW theory of change is paving the way on how all this will be achieved in the cage free movement in Tanzania.



EAAW ToC Cage free campaign(2).png




Different stakeholders from egg production to consumption effect each other. When one category of stakeholders starts to change, they will influence some of the other stakeholders.


The Cage free information will be well shared and accessible in our sources. The ordinary media and social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), TV and Radio will support in spreading the information.


Farmers will be able to share information in a friendly way to inspire and change others. Once one farmer changes it's easier for other farmers to be transformed.


Farmers and corporations will be able to know the importance of free range systems. More cage free commitments will be in place.


 Free range systems will be implemented well and be a mode of poultry farming in Tanzania. There will be a decline of caged farming systems.

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