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Your health my life update

Updated: May 2

EAAW works with various stakeholders to spread vegan diet messages and training. Through these initiatives, we have managed to visit eight (8) schools and three (3) colleges, where we have involved and reached a total of 9802 students from Colleges, Secondary and primary secondary.

We need to be sure that vegan dishes are available and accessible to everyone. To make that true we reached out to 13 restaurants to negotiate for them to incorporate vegan dishes in their menu, among them 11 restaurants accepted and embraced vegan dishes. Again, we trained 54 food vendors and shared with them a new 24 plants dishes menu that they can adopt and make in their sales point.

We are continuing to train how to make alternative chicken meat and beef meat in groups every Thursday.

These are few among many things we are doing to spread the vegan message where we have also produced 7 video clips and 6 animated videos

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