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Updated: May 2

Currently, the world has experiencing climate change that come in different ways and forms in our environment. Various studies show that this is due to environmental damage caused by human activities.

To a large extent, this is due to humans needing agricultural land for crop production, breeding and livestock production for food, which causes the production gases emission that affects the environment.

This situation has been accompanied by the inhuman production of animals due to the increase in the demand for meat, milk and eggs for food. This has been causing great suffering to animals kept in cages, the use of chemicals in the food they are fed on and forced to produce more than their bodies can handle.

This situation causes harm to humans who use products derived from animals, which is also the reason why today we have a big problem with non-communicable diseases in our society, as well as people being overweight.

In order to help animals that are tortured in cages and other forms that include cruelty in breeding along with the health of humans, EAAW has established and runs a project known as YOUR HEALTH MY LIFE. This project aims to educate people to reduce or completely stop the use of foods and products derived from animals in order to protect their health while serving the lives of millions of animals who lose their lives every day due to the need for food.

The reality

Africa is one of the well-known places in the world for animal exploitation especially for food. Numerous animals are farmed for food and commercial use while alternative protein like legumes and vegetables are less prioritised. Tanzania has the third largest livestock population in Africa comprising 25 million cattle, 98 percent of which are indigenous breeds, complemented by 16.7 million goats, 8 million sheep, 2.4 million pigs, and 36 million chickens.

All these animals are kept purposely for producing animal products like meat, milk products and leather among others and finally they end up in painful death. For example, in the slaughterhouses at the animal trade centre in Dar es Salaam alone, more than 1,000 cattle and 500 sheep and goats are slaughtered every day for sale to the local population to be used for food.

What is the current situation!

From the current two surveys conducted by EAAW, the results showed that 98% of participants are meat eaters. In this case “Your health My life” project promotes the use of plant food as an initiative to serve the life of these animals being killed daily for food. There is a need to strengthen the message uptake to the community and we need to strengthen our effort from where we are now.

EAAW is determined in impacting the general public with the well packed information on plants' diet, which we believe will help in changing communities. We shall meet food vendors to find out how best and to what extent they can incorporate the plants diet in their menu and how they can help in influencing more people to stop animal products consumption and shift to the plants diet. This will mainly aim in convincing people through health tips on animal consumption vs plants diet.

Mainly “Your health my Life” seek to provide plant diet alternatives to the public at large for the purpose of eliminating animal product consumptions and shifting to the plant based diet so that to serve the life of millions animals that are farmed for food. Also the project will serve human life through a healthy plant diet tips and instructions through nutritionists.

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