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The dog vaccination program in Tanzania has made significant strides since its inception in 2018. With a dedicated team of veterinarians and volunteers, the project has successfully vaccinated thousands of dogs across the country, creating a safer environment for both animals and humans.

Through community outreach and education initiatives, local residents have been informed about the importance of vaccinating their pets to prevent the spread of rabies.

It is crucial to combat rabies in Tanzania.

In the northern region of Tanzania, rabies was widespread before the vaccination initiative began, primarily due to the high number of wild animals, especially hyenas. To address this issue, the government asked local residents to contribute funds for dog vaccinations. Unfortunately, many people couldn't afford the vaccinations due to financial constraints. Consequently, a difficult decision was made to euthanize all unvaccinated dogs, resulting in a tragic situation where many dogs lost their lives. To save the lives of these innocent animals, EAAW initiated a dog vaccination project in the Singida region in 2018, providing free vaccinations. During this time, awareness campaigns and vaccinations were conducted simultaneously, significantly reducing rabies cases from 30 cases every six months to 6, with no dogs being euthanized


Our aim with this initiative is to eradicate rabies in Tanzania by 2030. This will be achieved through partnering with the government, stakeholders, community members, and donors to vaccinate dogs and cats, raise awareness about responsible pet ownership, and educate on rabies prevention. By joining forces, we can establish a safer environment for both humans and animals. Through vaccination campaigns, outreach initiatives, and consistent monitoring, our objective is to eliminate rabies and ensure a healthier future for Tanzania. Together, we can drive change and reach our target of a rabies-free country by 2030.

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