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A few years ago, EAAW launched a rabies vaccination project in the Singida region. This was due to some areas of the region, especially rural areas, having several incidents of people being bitten by dogs that were suspected to be rabid, which created fear in the community and also caused the dogs to lose their lives due to the random killings.

This project started gradually by collecting donations of anti-rabies and equipment from friends and other stakeholders, which has helped reduce the problem to a great extent. EAAW has been able to work in Mkalama and Iramba Districts. There have been great changes from that time and then. Successes have been gradually increasing as the days go by as can be seen in the table chart.

Chart showing rabies vaccination trend since 2019-June 2022 led by EAAW

This project needs to be sustainable as we join the government and the world in general in facing rabies. We invite all stakeholders to continue cooperating with us to ensure that communities and animals live in a safe environment that is not dangerous due to the fear of rabies.

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