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Education for African Animals Welfare attended the Open Wing Alliance African regional summit that was held in Cape Town, from 16th to 18th September 2019. We continue to support

Our recent incorporation as one of the members of Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition of organizations working to advance the welfare of egg-laying hens, has solidified our work, resolve and movement in the Chicken Welfare movement.

The summit offered a platform for EAAW director, Mr. Ayubu Nnko, to showcase and present our work in advancing the welfare of chicken in Tanzania. The platform also gave our team leader the opportunity to interact with and network with other organizations and non-profits working in chicken welfare.

The suffering Plight of Egg-Laying Hens

Hidden from consumers, restaurants and retailers, is the hidden suffering of the egg-laying hen, who has borne a very pricey cost of ‘egg’ and ‘chicken’ lovers. Over sixty billion chicken are reared for eggs every year. Around this, millions of egg-laying hens live in tiny, cramped and miserable and unventilated conditions, some going from hatchery to slaughterhouse within six weeks.

Even as demand for egg and egg products continues to rise in Africa, without proper measures to protect egg-laying hens in this demand, their suffering will continue to increase dramatically. It is in this vein that EAAW continues to offer support to the chicken welfare movement.

We have incorporated chicken welfare as one of our key programs and continue to advocate for cage-free systems in Tanzania and beyond.

Some of the Key issues we focus on in our chicken welfare work include:

Overcrowded misery

Living in unhygienic conditions

Lack of proper lighting

Cage Systems that do not adhere to international standards

Lifetime confinement to cages- It is undeniable the severe welfare problems that cages cause chicken. We are challenging the food industry to work with us to improve the welfare of billions of chickens! We continue to confront the confinement of chicken in cages! We advocate for the setting of standards against cage systems!

As we work to the welfare of chickens, EAAW commits to firm advocacy, outreach and campaign against cage systems for hens!

We envision a world where Chicken live like this

Figure 1. All chicken deserves to live in a free and healthy environment where they can thrive

No chicken should have to endure this!

Figure 2 No chicken should have to endure this. EAAW is firmly against caged systems for chicken.

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