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Same, Kilimanjaro

Same, nestled in the heart of Kilimanjaro, presents unique challenges due to its arid climate. Water scarcity and soil degradation are pressing issues. But fear not we’re here to make a difference!


Due to a drought in the Same district, a significant water scarcity has arisen due to inadequate rainfall. This has posed challenges for farmers in meeting food demands, resulting in food insecurity in the area. The shortage of food has forced people to engage in harmful activities like charcoal production, exacerbating the drought in Same. This issue has a notable impact on women, who are crucial in providing daily meals for their families. To tackle this, the "Seeds for the Future" project has initiated a program to empower women by training them on using limited water resources efficiently for both production and environmental conservation. Seeds for the future project aims to enhance food security, promote environmental conservation, and protect animals in Same, Kilimanjaro.


Food security

In the "Seeds for the Future" initiative, women are offered a chance to gain practical knowledge by creating a basic Eco-friendly garden while circulating water from kitchen and other uses. The produce from this garden is Eco-friendly and safe for consumption. Given the high market demand for organic products, this project not only boosts women's earnings but also guarantees food security for their children and remains will be used to feed their animals.


 Environment and animal protection

In the fight against drought in the Same region, our aim is to prevent animals from suffering due to a lack of pasture. By ensuring food availability, we can decrease animal exploitation. This project focuses on promoting Eco-friendly agriculture to combat drought and prevent land degradation, with the ultimate goal of eradicating drought in the Same region.


Children and women empowement

In Swahili, there is a saying that goes, "Ukimsaidia mwanamke umesaidia jamii nzima," which translates to "When you empower women, you empower the whole community." The Seeds for Future project is dedicated to empowering women in light of the challenges brought about by drought. Unfortunately, due to the drought, some children lack essentials like food, clothing, and education, while others are forced into cheap labor or drop out of school due to economic hardships. The Seeds for Change project aims to address this issue by providing training on maximizing water usage for kitchen gardens and educating women on planting profitable fruit trees.

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